Friday, July 9, 2010

Navajo Rugs For Buildings

A cheap way to decorate the interior of any model building is to search the Internet for photos of rugs, paintings, drapes, signs, posters, and so on. Using a good photo program, resize them to the size you need and then print. I though I had a collection of Western rug images, but they must have died my hard drive last winter. A quick Google Images search this evening using "Navajo Rugs" called up enough images to keep me happy. This may sound like common sense, but make sure the images of anything you use are taken from the top down--angled images look odd once put on or in a building. Here are the results I found. Photos of the finished Harwood House (aka Hartley House) coming soon!


  1. An excellent technique, I did the same thing with Persian carpets for war elephants, except that I had the extra leeway to use shaped carpets and indeed scaled-down Camel pouches and saddle cloths.

    Also I didn't have a good Photo/graphics program at the time, I just pasted them into 'Word' and then made them larger and smaller and tidied them up with the 'crop' feature. The rolled up one being used as cushioning on the 'chair' I fixed with hair-spray and then ironed, so the colours wouldn't run when I then folded it up dampened it and squidged it to shape.

    Works for Roman or Greek murals, (vase artwork, etc...), shields, tents and mosaic floors.

    Love your buildings!

  2. Very nice technique! I never thought of using them for elephants and such. Really brings them alive. I will have to try that. Reminds me that I have to get cracking on my Caesar 1/72's.

    Also, thanks for the compliments.