Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sneak Peek of Mister Miracle #1 (1971)

Since some folks were interested in Mister Miracle, I thought I'd post a bit of a teaser from the first issue in 1971 along with an article on Jack Kirby from the same issue. I'll post a teaser from the first issue of the 1989 series a bit later this week. Does this make this a teaser for the teaser???

I love how Kirby draws the gangster in this issue, but I really love how he draws the Inter-Gang henchmen in rather "dorky" attire. Seriously, would anyone be threatened by a gang of thugs dressed like this? I've always felt that in gaming we need more henchmen figures like those Kirby draws. Sure, Superfigs makes some henchmen. Pulp Figures have some hooded henchmen. But I'd love to see more flat-top hooded guys like these or like classic AIM henchmen.(When I used to buy Heroclix singles off of gamers, I would snatch up all the henchmen figures I could for a dime a fig. No one wanted them, until Wizkids eventually stopped making them. I guess I have a soft spot for hero-fodder weenies.)

I hope you enjoy a quick look at Mister Miracle #1 from 1971, which now proudly sits on the shelf in its high-quality E Gerber Mylites bag--which I bummed off my son, of course. :-)


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