Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doing the Mummy Shuffle

Three years ago, I had so much fun painting these mummy figures for some The Mummy pulp games, but I've yet to play such a game. The four figures in the front are from West Wind's pack GHM-02 Mummy Servant Priests. The figure in the rear is from Reaper, which I got at a Hurricon learn-to-paint table. I love the WW figures so much more than the old Reaper figure, which is a whole lot less scary and less animated. I really need to paint some more mummies. They are dead simple to paint and so much fun.

As I mentioned three years ago when first posted (bad) photos of these figures, here is how I painted them: I primed the figures black and then painted the linen wraps using Folk Art Linen. (If I were doing them today, priming white would be an easier road to take than black.) When the Linen dried, I brushed on a black "magic wash." I then drybrushed with Ceramcoat Antique White. For the flesh, I used discontinued Ceramcoat Hammered Iron, though any German WWII uniform gray would work. I painted these guys in a couple hours.

Are they attacking or just doing aerobics? Sometimes it's hard to tell with mummies. :-)


  1. Well at least your are not doing the Truffle Shuffle (Goonies Joke). Very good work on the the figs!

  2. Nice work. Nice skintone used for them as well

  3. Superb, really like what you've done with these.

  4. Great job. I like your bold use of a dark color for their "flesh." It presents a stark contrast of colors, and IMO, makes the viewer "look again" at the paint job..