Tuesday, October 29, 2013

West Wind's Cowboy Wars Women: Part 1

Whoops! Way back in June, I photographed my entire collection of Western figures because I had finally finished their bases, after having many of them languish for years undone. I thought I had posted all the photos, but looks like I was wrong. I posted none of them! So over the next several posts I'm going to rectify that, gathering these photos all in one place for the first time even if some of the figures have been seen in a few older posts. I'll post them as I find time in the evening to mess with them. Now we just need to get a game going with them. It has been too long. BTW some of figures in these packs will work for Victorian/Colonial gaming as well.

ZCW-23 Women of the West #1:
The theme in this pack is homely (the upper figure) or rugged (the lower figure) women wearing buckskin. Years ago, the homely figure's face was difficult for me to paint because her features are so odd and pudgy. After repainting her face a few times, I just gave up and was happy with what I could do. The lower figure has been in my painting cue for four years now for no real reason, only partially painted. I posted a place-holder photo of her figure just to remind myself what pack she comes from.

ZCW-24 Women of the West #2:
This is a pack where I liked one figure, but didn't care for the other, which I sold off. Again, the photo of the missing figure is just a placeholder to remind me what is in this pack. I was experimenting with wet blending pink craft paint but came to the conclusion that pink craft paint really wasn't made for wet blending!

ZCW-48 The Russian Hunting Party #2:
The official Cowboy Wars fluff says that this pack contains the Princess Ludmilla Gregorski, who is the widow of Prince Ivanovich, and her faithful servant, Sergei Millosovich of the Guards Don Cossacks. It also contains the prince's wolfhound, Rasputin, though I don't have him pictured. I tend now to follow the CW fluff, but it the rulebook does describe all the CW figures, which is helpful for trying to figure out what figures the packs without photos contain. The painting guides are pretty nice as well, though I haven't followed those either. I might follow them for the Russian officer packs.

I don't have a photo of his partially-painted on-foot version, so
I figured I'd post a photo of his primed mounted version to give
you an idea what he looks like.