Monday, January 13, 2014

Reaper's New Horror Paints

This evening I was poking around the Reaper Master Series paint website and got a pleasant surprise. They have finally released some of their horror-based paints. I'm especially excited about the Vampiric skin triad, which will give me the umph to continue working on my West Wind horror figures without having to custom-mix skin colors. The Graveyard Bone triad also looks very useful for some creepy looking colors. Reaper released these paints last Monday, but it doesn't look like they have hit the stores yet.

BTW last week I picked up a brush for the first time in several months and finished the vampire I posted about months ago. I'm waiting for free time and good weather to cooperate here in Central Florida so I can varnish it and the other cowgirl I finished.

Mild Rant: Buying Paint Blind
You know, my biggest complaint about this hobby is that I have to buy all my paints without seeing them first. I hate that. When I was into model railroading in the 1970s through the 1990s, I bought all my paints at the local hobby shop. I saw what I was getting and could visually decided which company's Conrail Blue fit my image of the color.

Now, if I want to see some real miniature paints in person I have to settle for Games Workshop paints, which I dislike because I have trouble opening paint pots with my aging hands. (I hear the paints have gotten better.) I might get a smattering of old and decrepit Reaper and P3 paints at Sci-Fi City, which to me is a wasteland of a store that I don't bother going near. Cool Stuff across the street sells Reaper, but you cannot see or touch anything before you buy it at Cool Stuff! Order it on the computer, the guys go back into the warehouse, pull the order, and then give it to you at the cash register. Doesn't help when I want to see the difference between one Reaper blue and another Reaper blue. Sigh.

Ok, I am done with my mild ranting for the evening. But when you think about it, after the miniatures themselves, the most important part of our hobby of painting miniatures is picking the right color paints, which is not so easy when looking at little jpg color swatches on a computer. :-(

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