Sunday, November 23, 2014

Orc & Goblins - Of Things To Come

Just a quick update. I've been working on the Goblin trial army counter set and redoing the Orc & Goblin counter set along the way. There will be two versions. One version will use classic GW miniatures from the 4th and 5th edition armies. These are my favorite Warhammer miniatures and look before it went all grimdark. The other version will be the modern grimdark using miniatures from the current line. I'll also include Warmaster miniatures when possible. My goal is to provide as much variety as possible in the counter sets, catering to many different tastes. After all, why not? I may be old school, but not everyone likes that. Below are some teasers of counters prior to being shrunken to counter size.

This has been a fun project since I've been unable to do much else the past three weeks due to an onset of major headaches, which I never get. Thinking its my blood pressure and work stress, my doc adjusted my meds last week. I'm also going for an MRI this week. Hopefully they find nothing, and I'll feel better by next weekend. Here's hoping. I'd like to do some actual painting for a change and maybe even play a game! On an upside, I've been having fun paging through all my old White Dwarfs and catalogs--I sure do miss the old GW!