Saturday, November 29, 2014

Warmaster Counters - Oops!

I really must apologize for my Warmaster counters. I just realized that they are printing out slightly too small (19mm x 38mm) because the local Staples wants to print PDFs with at least a .5" margin. Sigh. Not being one to push inferior products on anyone, especially fellow gamers, I've temporarily taken down the ancients counter sets until I can redo the sheets with larger margins. These latest sets will be easy to fix. (The Romans are back already!) The fantasy sets need a total redo from the ground up, so they will take more time. On the upside, they will look a whole lot better with more variety! The revised Orc set is just about done already, as mentioned in the previous post. So please hang in there while Jiggly Puff randomly pushes some more buttons, buying me a bit more time. :-)

BTW I reloaded the Warmaster Fantasy Counter page, but placed a size warning on it. Just in case some folks can't wait for the revised fantasy sets.

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