Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preach It, Pirate Preacher!

Painted in December 2007, this was my first attempt at painting a 25mm miniature since 1985. Trust me. My efforts in 1985 were more like blobs than painted miniatures. Besides, back then I only had painted several figures for D&D games. For this free fellow from the Old Glory Army deal, I used craft paints from Ceramacoat and Americana, thinning them using water and flow enhancer. I also used a wet pallet I bought at the local craft store--wet pallets are fantastic because the paint stays moist a long time! For the flesh, I used Privateer Press's P3 paints: Ryn Flesh for highlight, Midlund Flesh for midtone, and Khardic Flesh for the base. After taking these photos, I noticed that the fellow's left pupil looks a bit odd, but when viewed from above a normal gaming angle it looks fine. The base is a mixture of two grades of sand I bought at Walmart's craft section. I dry brushed them a few different colors of brown and tans and added some larger rocks and a bit of tree bark as well. Until I painted this figure, I was petrified to paint 25mm figures. Now I am starting to enjoy it, though every figure is a learning experience.

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