Friday, February 27, 2009

Painted London Gentleman

Last week, I posted photos of the bare-metal London Gentlemen pack from West Wind. Below is my painted version of a gentleman from that pack. I'm very pleased with the result, though my photo isn't that great. Like I said, I'll get better photos in the future. I still have to do some detail work on the base.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6mm GZG Photo

I'm posting this photo of Ground Zero Game's 6mm figures for Phil Walling and the guys over on TMP. He was asking for photos of the Tactical Interface Transport. You can see it in the upper-left corner of the photo. Hope it helps everyone. Note that I did not take the photo.

West Wind Gothic Horror Packs

For the past year, I have been slowly working on a Victorian Science Fiction theme relating to my Western gaming. Most of the figures are from West Wind's Gothic Horror range, manufactured by Old Glory here in the States. Unfortunately, these figures will never be manufactured again, so when Old Glory runs out of current stock, these figures will be gone. With the Old Glory Army membership, the packs are $4.80 each, which comes to $1.20 a figure, a good value in my book. As with all West Wind figures, some are excellent while others are fair, with some just downright odd.

While Old Glory has photos of many of the miniatures, a few packs are not represented. This didn't stop me from buying them. Rummaging in my folders, I found these photos of unprimed Gothic Horror figures, which I had shot nearly a year ago. Maybe someone will find them useful.

GHZ-5 The Lady Doctor and her Staff (Gothic Horror: Zombies)
Old Glory has a photo of the two nurses online, but not the Jamaican fellow and the other fellow with the machete and revolver. The lady nurses have awkward faces, which have been difficult for me to paint. The chap with the revolver is quite nice for a West Wind figure. I'm nearly done painting him. Having mixed emotions about the pack, I'm not sure how I would rate them. Would I buy the pack again? Probably. Crazed nurses and female doctors are hard to find. Plus my wife is a nurse.

GHJ-5 London Gentlemen (Gothic Horror: Jeykll & Hyde)
If you play Victorian vampire hunting games, you must get this pack. The fellow on the far right is a dead-ringer for Gary Oldman's Count Dracula in Coppola's 1992 Dracula movie. The fellow to the far left is ok, while the figure second from the left is one of my favorites. He can be a crotchety old man or, in my campaign, the crazy mastermind pulling the strings. The figure second from the right I also like, a stuffy gentleman. I'll be posting my fully painted version of him soon. Regardless, if you need a Gary Oldman "Dracula," you must get this pack before it disappears forever.