Monday, November 28, 2011

Heroclix Throw Down

Needing to work off some turkey with all the trimmings last week, we did a large 500 point Heroclix throw down on The Bridge. Not telling me anything about the figures he was picking, Jeremy began rooting through my DC boxes picking a "bad guy" team. OK, I can dig not telling me. After he picked his secret project team, I went to town picking my DC "good guy" team.

I always hear about all his heavy-hitter figures, so I like to razz him that I can take him down using "weenies." The other week we played a game in which he took in Beta Ray Bill, Iron Man, Hulk, and a host of other bricks. Pretty good stuff. I, on the other hand, took in the Power Pack team, a couple other kids like Leach (who cancels all powers near him), rookie Invisible Woman, and rookie Thing. I figured that the Fantastic Four were baby sitting that day. Hey, that's just how I roll! Guess what? I KO'ed everything but Iron Man. In a tournament I would have won by turtling behind Invisible Woman's shields while the remaining minutes ran out. It was great fun.

The Secret Project
Ok, so back to our current story. When we began placing the figures on the map, I discovered that Jeremy (my 20-year old son and adversary for the game) picked a modern age Project Cadmus team: Lex Luthor, Amanda Waller, Two Face, The Question, and a Gorilla City Warrior. Ok, so he had lots of the "Outwit" power to nerf my characters' powers. Wonderful--and cheesy in my mind. Plus, he had The Question going rogue, working for Cadmus! Are you kidding??? I guess Question must have been in deep cover.

Doing The Time Warp
Ok, so I plonked down my clix. Once again, I wanted to counter his few figures with many figures in what I like to call the Uncle Joe doctrine, named after Stalin's quip about quantity having a quality all its own. So I took in some of my favorite characters in an old school, brawling Golden Age Justice Society of America team: The Atom, Black Canary, Wildcat, Mister Terrific, Dr. Mid-Night, Liberty Belle, Vigilante, and a Gotham Police. On a 1-to-1 basis, my figures were each half the points of his!

Golden Age meets Modern Age comics on The Bridge.
The photo is the brawl the game turned into on the second turn. Vigilante started my game with Wildcat riding on the back of the bike. Vigilante revved his bike, jumped over a wrecked car, and slid to a halt as Wildcat leaped off the back of the bike while in midair, landing in a awesome somersault feet away from Two Face. It would have looked so cool in a movie! Of course, I had to repeat the move several times with the figures, adding "vroom vroom" sound effects and witty dialogue as I went. (I felt like I was 10 again!)

Well, you can guess how the game ended. I won. Once again, Jeremy got frustrated as my weenies took down his outwitters. I'm still re-learning the rules and could have played my team a lot better. Still, we had a great time