Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zorro (Reaper 28mm)

The blurb from Miniature-Giant: "This Chronoscope series figure by Reaper Miniatures is entitled "Zorro", #50054. This pewter miniature is of a human. "Zorro" was sculpted by Tim Prow and released on April 13, 2009. This Chronoscope miniature shows a male adult wearing a hat, mask, and cape and holding a sword in his right hand." Retail is $5.99.

When we get into the $6 range for a single figure, it better be good. I like this figure and will eventually buy it, just as soon as I finish painting some of the 40 Western figures I currently have in various stages of completion. After all, who else makes "Zorro"? (I wonder how long they can call this figure Zorro until some IP lawyer discovers it?)

Zorro's pose is fluid and dramatic, looking to me more like Tyrone Power's Zorro than Antonio Banderas' version. (Over the years, many actors have played Zorro--even George Hamilton, though I wish I could forget ever seeing that movie.) I also like how his head tilts down slightly with this arms extended in a natural-looking, menacing pose. I prefer this Zorro's hat over the head-covering bandanna-mask we sometimes see Zorro wearing. A fun and engaging figure capturing the essence of Zorro.

Though I keep saying Chronoscope is hit-or-miss for me, this Zorro is a hit. Well worth the wait. For more information on the 'real' movie and TV Zorro, check out the official Zorro website.