Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Page: Paper Napoleonic Game Counters

This evening, I posted as new permanent Page to the blog: Paper Napoleonic Game Counters. At the new page, you can download all the images I created/modified back in 2012 to test out 28mm Napoleonic gaming, which you can read about if you click this link. The counters cover the common/popular sizes on infantry, such as 40mm x 40mm and 60mm x 40mm, along with cavalry, artillery, and officers. I made two different sets of counters, so you can create two armies. The officer counters are for the French and Russian. You can download and print them to begin gaming right away. You could even resize them for smaller scales, such as 15mm. Below are some photos of a 60mm x 40mm army in action. So check out the new page. I hope someone finds them useful.

The 28mm paper counters with 15mm Napoleon's Battles counters.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rubble: Now You See It, Now You Don't

When I first worked on the bases for my Black Tree Design Soviets, I wanted some of them to look as if they were standing in rubble, like in Stalingrad street fighting. To achieve that look, I tried plopping down some piles of rocks on a few of the bases. You know, I never really liked how they turned out. For example, every time I saw the one figure, which is slightly bending down and forward over a pile of pinkish rocks, I kept thinking he looked as if he had just taken plotz, the rocks being the plotz. So I decided to plow over my attempt at rubble, so to speak. Below are the before and after shots. In the future, if I want to make rubble I think I'll use some bricks instead of plotzed rocks.

"Yo, Ivan! I know you're scared, but quit plotzing rocks!"

"Da, that's much better!"

"So this puny rubble will give me a +1 Soft Cover bonus?"

"I don't need Soft Cover bonuses to kill Nazi fascists!"

Posted Just Because He's Cool:
"I once had a medal this big..."