Monday, December 28, 2020

No Albion, BattleTech Arrives, and a Death in the Family

Unfortunately, my father-in-law passed away earlier last week at the age of 89 I thought he was 86, and my wife thought he was 82. Seems like he was good at lying about his age! 😄 He served in the navy on a Tin Can for four years shortly after WWII, but rarely said anything about it. He was a life-long Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles season ticket holder. He always told the story of throwing snowballs at Santa at the infamous December 15, 1968 game against the Vikings. He would always shout, "And I hit him, too!" With snowballs of course. 

My wife's mother passed away last year. After that my father-in-law began declining, with dementia taking hold of him along with frequent falls. Earlier this month, he got pneumonia and COVID-19, winding up in the hospital. We all knew what was coming next. Even though we live in Central Florida, the rest of the family in PA did a great job taking care of him.

So I haven't gotten too much done online, especially with making more Warmaster counters. I did get the new BattleTech Beginner and Clan Invasion boxed sets for Christmas. (I picked up the main rulebook as a PDF.) My son and I used to play WizKids MechWarrior clix game, but never BattleTech. So this will be a new thing for me. The new Catalyst Games plastic mechs are amazing. More on that later.

I hope everyone has good health and a better new year!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Albion, Covid, Silent Victory, and Whatnots

I am sick of seeing Covid!

 It's not easy teaching an old dawg new tricks! It has been ages since I posted to the blog. Since all of us at the college got thrown into online teaching this semester, my time has been consumed with re-learning how to teach composition and literature classes as a "Remote Synchronous Online" professor. That means I was one of the few who got to teach live virtual classes using Zoom, Canvas, Nearpod, and who-knows-what-else.

Since August, I had been putting in 12 to 14 hour days every day learning how to become an online prof, so I could give my students a good online experience. I care about them, and they know it. I pray for them as a class, and some ask me to pray for them individually. I had students going though all sorts of problems at home. A number of them became seriously depressed and overloaded. Some got help, others just dropped out. I feel bad for our young adults and children. Anyway, this semester is over. Hopefully next semester will be better. I'll still be online, but I learned a lot the past several months.

Albion? Albion!

On my laptop I have a folder labeled working where I keep folders for all the Warmaster and Revolution army counter sets I'm still working on. When I finish I counter set, I move its folder over to the completed set of folders. Makes sense, right? Well, this evening I was looking through my Warmaster folders, looked in the working folder and got confused. Albion folder? Why is that folder still in the working section? I posted the Albion counter set way back in summer, didn't I? As my students say, "Oh snap!" I never posted it! Actually, I think it's complete, but I need to check the army list to make sure. Then I need to make the counter sets. Albion before Christmas is my goal!

As a request, I'm making a set of what I'm calling generic counters. They won't have any Warmaster unit labels on them. Each counter will have only one copy of that counter. They all come from my earlier sets. This way folks can print the sheets without wasting ink on stuff they don't need because they play a different game. I also realized that some of my counters sets are too dark, like the Celts-Brittons set. So I've begun lightening them. I'll re-post those sets asap. I want to make some other tweaks as well to sets. More on that later.

Silent Victory 

Earlier this year, I got GMT's board game named Silent Victory. It is a one (or two) player board game, where the player commands a single submarine in the Pacific during WWII. Think Run Silent, Run Deep. It is a very narrative game and fulfills my love of submarine warfare. I named my sub after a real one, the USS Plunger.  I love the play one words there! Go here to download all sub reports. I finished my first patrol of the campaign and have several more to go. (I even downloaded the reports from the Plunger. They are fascinating to read.) If you want more info on this game, you can check it's Boardgame Geek entry at this link. I highly recommend it!

BTW don't tell the spammers. I'm allowing comments again, but everything will be moderated. I miss comments!