Thursday, September 8, 2022

Raygun Rayborn and the Red Planet: Factions

 As promised, here are photos of the factions I mentioned in my previous post about the Raygun Rayborn game from Recon 2022. My son will playing in the Raygun game at the upcoming Hurricon 2022 convention. I told him to take plenty of photos. :-)

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Raygun Rayborn and the Red Planet: Pulp Sci-Fi Goodness

Alex Paul ran a 10-player, 28mm Barsoom-themed game at Recon 2022, using a lot of custom terrain. Most of the Barsoom miniatures are from Tin Man Miniatures and Bronze Age Miniatures. You might also see some re-purposed miniatures from games like Star Wars.

Alex used his homebrew rules he calls "Stunning Stories." I didn't get to play in the game because it took place at the same time I was playing "To the Strongest," which I wrote about in the previous post. Since I was near this game, I did get to watch everyone having fun. It was a centerpiece game that afternoon, and probably the most elaborate setup of the con. I love pulp sci-fi. Hats off the Alex!

Today, I'm posting photos of the game table before the game began. I tried moving around the table in a logical fashion. Later this week, I've scheduled photos of eight of the ten factions and their objective sheets.


Where Have I Been?

BTW sorry for the long delay in posting. Back in May I began having pain in my left shoulder. By the end of the month, it was crazy painful to move it much, so off to the ortho. After X-rays and MRI, looks like I tore one of the tendons a bit and inflamed the you-know-what out of the rest of the shoulder. I haven't slept much in three months! I think I'm going to change my address to the physical therapy office,where I go twice a week. I'm improving a lot, but just typing this post has bothered me. It's been a rough summer. (I did get a new tablet, which has helped me get away from the desk.) Thank goodness Hurricon is coming in a few weeks--I need some good fun! Next Recon I will be running at least one game--more on those thoughts later. I'll do some photo dumps to get the rest of Recon 2022 posted. On to the pics of the game. I hope you like them!