Friday, July 4, 2014

Dice Tower Con 2014: Days 1-3

Dice Tower Con 2014 began on Wednesday. This is the third year for the con, which for the second year was held at the Double Tree by Sea World here in Orlando. This year, 850 people have been attending, which is almost triple the size of the first con two years ago. The con ends Sunday morning, but our last day most likely will be Saturday.

We have been having a great time this year, unlike last year. We almost did not come this year because of last year's debacle, but we decided to give it another try. I have been praying for months that I would have a good time and meet some nice Christian gamers my age at the con. The Lord answered those prayers. Now if only he would hook me up with such a local fellow or two I would be thrilled!

Day 1. I set up Star Trek: Fleet Captains at the start of the con. It had been almost a year since I last played the game, so this was going to be a quick play with the kid to get the rules back in my head. He whooped me in three turns! The Federation has no honor!

We had to play lengthwise on the table. We would play again on Day 2 with a young couple who never played the game. I helped everyone while Jeremy played Klingons to their Federation. This time, they whooped him. Ah, payback! BTW I am officially tired of Fleet Captains for now!

Day 2: It was fantastic to hook up with our great pal Rick from Palm Beach Gardens. He was the main reason why we decided to attend the con this year. We've been friends since DTC 1. He is teaching us Lord of Waterdeep. Of course, Rick is dishing it back to Jeremy, who was doing some in-game trash talking. Rick introduced us to Jeff and his son, who is watching Rick. We've been having a great time with Jeff and son! A true blessing for us. Now they just need to move to Central FL!

Day 3: I got Jeremy the Manoeuver board game, and Jeff is teaching it to Jeremy. Noah, a great kid and gamer, is going to teach Jeremy how to play as well. They played two games of it yesterday. We'll be sad to see them go home to VA. :-(