Thursday, February 10, 2011

Desktop Dungeons: I Love This Game!

Jeremy knows that I love small games I can play in fifteen minutes instead of fifteen hours. You know, those time killers to take our minds off our problems right before dinner. (I needed one of those games after today's problems!) Solitaire and the like do not work for me. Nor do I like those little arcade games either. Too much hyper-action or too much thinking.

Well, tonight I found a perfect little time killers: Desktop Dungeons. It's a small, free game based on random dungeon crawls. Jeremy suggested I download it and give it a try. I love it. Just what I was looking for. Of course, some game did last minutes before I died. Since the game is random, being surrounded by high-level monsters on turn one was possible and happened to me on my second game! Nothing to do but swipe at one of them, die, and load up a new game--all within 10 seconds. Awesome!

Desktop Dungeons reminds me of an old LucasArts game from 1997--Star Wars: Yoda Stories. I also liked playing this game and its Indiana Jones brother. Unfortunately, the games went stale quickly. The stories had no connection to each other and became repetitious. The games weren't free like Desktop Dungeons, but I paid nearly nothing for them on clearance. So I got my money's worth.

Anyway, check out Desktop Dungeons. I bet you'll like it.