Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fly's Studio: Part 6 - Exterior Trim

In case you are just joining us, this series of articles chronicles my real-time adventures preparing and painting Old Glory's Fly's Studio from their OK Corral series of 25mm Western buildings. Because the entire process is an experiment, you'll get to see my successes and mistakes along the way. To see the entire series of articles, click on the Fly's Studio link.

Due to my schedule this week, this will be a short installment today. After painting the base color on the exterior walls and the floor, I drybrushed the trim using Americana Avocado Green. I want the side windows and trim to look like the owner gave them one coat of paint and then ignored them, while maintaining the paint on the false front. I will paint the sides of the shingles dark gray once I work on the roof. I chose the lighter, faded look of Avocado Green because the front trim will be a dark green against a light tan. The interior trim will be the same dark green with most likely buff walls.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Color-Coding Paint Bottles

I got this idea from someone online. I don't remember who, when, or where. I totally forgot about it until last week, when I sat down and took inventory of my paint collection. Shook each bottle, inspected it, and painted the bottle's cap. It has really helped me see the difference between colors, intensity, and sheen. Here is a quick shot of some of my craft paint collection. I also own a number of Vallejo, Reaper, and P3 paints. I did the same with those, but they're not shown here. Give this little trick a try. You won't regret it.