Friday, August 2, 2013

Stretlets Germans in Stalingrad

I was poking around Stretets' website this evening looking at their 1/72 figures because the scale has always had a strong fascination for me. Stretlets is an interesting company that comes out with all sorts of crazy sets. Some seem good, while others seem a bit shoddy. And the can have the freakiest box covers! Anyway, I checked out their new Germans in Stalingrad set. I will admit that these figures sure look the business, unlike what I've seen in other scales. I get cold and tired just looking at them! I thought some folks here might find them interesting. Am I going into 1/72 now? I'm thinking about it, especially for the size, cost, and quality. I am tempted to get these, that's for sure. (Yeah, it's been a slow summer around here!)