Napoleonic Paper Counters

Have you ever wanted to try out a miniatures game but didn't want to fork over tons of cash for the miniatures and  take countless years to paint them? I hear you! This is why I created these paper counters for myself when seeing how much space a 28mm army would take and if I could play it on a couple folding table. Back in July 2012, I wrote up my findings in a little post you can find here. (Note that I did not draw these myself. I'm an English professor, not an artist! I had these images on my computer for ages from somewhere I can't recall. I modified the images and then used them to create entirely new counters. I don't want to infringe on anyone's IP.)

The paper counters in action, along with 15mm Napoleon's Battles counters.

Now I've decided to post the image files I created for the counters, allowing anyone to quickly create paper armies for themselves to test out various rules or even the Napoleonic period, of which I know little. The images are all GIFs, making the line drawing crisper than if they were JPGs. I have left them plain, but you can print them on different colored paper, use a graphics program to color them, or color them in by hand using colored pencils or markers. If you use them as-is, one army has pompoms on their shakos, while the other is sans-pompoms to tell them apart. The leader counters have the French and Russian flags on them to distinguish them. You can change/delete these flags using any graphics program out them.

Counter Sizes
The counters are sized for 28mm games, using either 40mm x 40mm or 60mm x 40mm bases. (Base sizes are in the file names. I wanted to test which base looked best as well.) If you want to use the counters for 15mm games, then simply resize them accordingly (or use the graphics program's "bicubic resample" function for better results). The images are set to print directly to 8.5" x 11" paper. My monochrome laser printer printed these counters just fine on cardstock.

How To Download
Simply click on each individual image to load it and then save it to your computer as you would any image you find on the Web.

Thanks and Enjoy!
I hope you find these counters useful. I've created this permanent page so folks can find them easily. Let me know what you think.


  1. Thank you so much for your work on this!

  2. Very nice. Thanks. I'll be putting these to use in a virtual game I'm setting up.

  3. I really appreciate your work on these. I have been trying to persuade variant game printers to make counters much like these for quite awhile. However counters based upon 28mm figures are so large as to have a significant impact on the game scale. Are you aware of anyone (professional or otherwise) who might be persuaded to print short-runs of counters? The image sizes and the counter dimensions would still require some adjustment. I would also need your blessing to adjust the image sizes.
    Thank you,
    Revd Wm. Courtney


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