Thursday, March 13, 2008

West Wind's London Detectives: Part 1

I love West Wind's old horror figures and feel it's a shame that they are disappearing. In December, I bought nearly 80 of these figures from Old Glory and am glad that I did. This fellow is from the London Detectives pack and is the second miniature I've painted. I wanted to paint this fellow so he would work both in Victorian horror and Western games, picking a two-tone gray outfit with a tan-colored jacket. Again, all the paints are Ceramcoat and Americana, excpet for the flesh, which is P3. I've been phasing out the Americana paints in favor of Ceramcoat, which I prefer. I wanted him to look scared, as he tells the werewolf to halt where he is. Since his base is larger than normal due to his pose, I picked up some 1.5" wide fender washers today. Maybe I will finish him this weekend...maybe.

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