Thursday, March 13, 2008

West Wind's London Detetectives: Part 2

Another figure from the four-figure pack of London Detectives from West Wind's excellent Gothic Horror: Realms of Terror, Jack the Ripper line. I painted this figure with an eye toward Western gaming than dark Victorian horror, giving him a lighter tan duster and a two-tone brown outfit. The lighter colors were difficult to paint over black, taking too many coats in my opinion, so I am going to try priming with gray gesso instead. Finally, I have not finished his base yet because everyone in my area is out of static grass, forcing me to mail-order it.

Varnishing: Because I am clumsy and knock over miniatures, I have been varnishing these figures with Ceramcoat flat varnish for extra protection and then spraying them with Testor's dulcoat to cut down on the sheen. Dulcoat never quite takes away the entire Ceramcoat sheen, but under normal lights on a game table you cannot tell the difference.

VSF Gaming: Aside from gothic horror games, the pack of London Gentlemen will be my Eastern Agents during our Western games, which are an extension of our Victorian science fiction games. As in many VSF worlds, this is a Wild West where Texas is an independent country. France has invaded, reclaiming much of what it sold to the US, while England and Prussia fight for the desert southwest. From the north, Russia invades from the Alaskan reserves. All to control not gold, but the precious fuel reserves for the new-fangled aeronef ships patrolling the skies.

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  1. Bob,

    This figure and the other two are very good looking. If you had not said that these were the first 25mm figures you had painted, it would not be apparent.

    Like you, I use craft acrylic paints. I prime with brush-on grey gesso, paint with various brands of craft paints, seal with Future floor wax, "dip" with brush-on stain, and then varnish with Delta matte varnish. You can see some of my troops at my blog:

    Good gaming to you,