Monday, May 26, 2008

Repainted Wizkids Mage Knight Tower

Several m0nths ago, a local comic book and gaming store was blowing out their remaining Mage Knight Castle sets. I picked up the Castle Tower for a paltry $4. Unfortunately, I hated the paint job. It just did not look like the type of tower any self-respecting Eastern European vampire would call home. The photo to the right is the original brown and tan scheme, which never looked as good in person as the pre-production photo Wizkids has on their website.

The upper floor has a large knob that turns a large hit-dial beneath the floor. Unfortunately, this means that the floor has an area cut out so you can read the Mage Knight stats. I puttied up this hole, trying to make it look like part of the surrounding stone floor.

I then spray-primed the entire building black. I drybrushed the walls several shades of gray, painted the metal ornaments using P3 Pig Iron, drybrushed them with Ceramcoat's Dark Brown Oxide, then highlighted with Ceramcoat's Red Oxide. I was going for a different look on the stone trim than I was planning, but discovered that Ceramcoat's Mudstone looks like dried bone. So the "stone" trim is supposed to be skeleton bone. I will also be using Mudstone on my skeleton army. The door is brown, trimmed with drybrushed P3 Burnished Bronze and Pig Iron. When done, I "spooked it up" as my son says with some drybrushed mud colors.

We'll be using the tower along with my Arnica shacks for some seriously spooky vampire hunting using my skirmish rules I have been working on the past several years. (Just had a hugely successful final playtest this past weekend!)

For the price, it is an excellent piece of scenery for anything from fantasy to horror to pulp gaming. Even though I wasn't sure what to do with it when I bought it, I'm glad that I did.

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