Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cold Wars: A Blessing For Us

Cold Wars was a blessing for Jeremy and me. We had planned to visit PA during our Spring Break so we could visit my father, who has been given until July to live if he doesn't get a transplant. Cold Wars just happened to be the same weekend we were visiting.

As one can imagine, the trip was emotionally draining. We grew up in Eastern PA until my wife, son, and I moved to central Florida in 1997. Seeing our old home town, our old house, the places we liked to eat, the places we used to shop, the playgrounds where Jeremy played, and so on was difficult enough. Then we had to deal with the strong probability of my father's impending death.

So Cold Wars being scheduled the same week we had off from college and were visiting PA was a true blessing. We were able escape for a little while, drive from Reading to Lancaster, and take our minds off our troubles and our relatives. Play a game or two and meet some great guys in the hobby.

I had a blast meeting folks like Rob Walter from Eureka USA. Rob is a truly great guy. My wife now loves him to death, saying he's such a 'sweet man.' Talking about conventions and 15mm gaming with Rebel Mike from Rebel Minis was great fun. Same with Dave McBride from Splintered Light. Steve (nycjadie) was also a great fellow to meet face to face. I could go on and on.

I really owe such a huge thanks to John McBride. His Pride of Lions was fun in chaotic way. So many minis on one table! (Photos coming.) More importantly, he took the time on Saturday to have a great spiritual talk with me and Jeremy about my dad and our situation. It really made the entire weekend worth it. His words are still with me, helping me get through these difficult days. The other fellows above also helped me get through the weekend as well. I still can't really write a lot about it because of all the emotions swirling about inside me, but I owe everyone such a huge thanks. Who would have thought a game con would be so therapeutic?

Well, anyway here are some random photos I shot on Thursday. Don't ask why I shot what I shot! I have more photos to post later on, especially lots of Splintered Light minis.


  1. I love the landscaping in that last photograph, I take it - from the wiggly picket fences - it's being set-up for ACW?

    Mariya lost her father in Jan. and is now nursing her mother through to the end, so our thoughts are with you, there's no comfort 'cept it comes to all of us, and you just have to bare through with fortitude and be strong for those around you...

  2. Thanks, Maverick. I sorry to hear about your loss as well.

    The game is being set up for ACW. I thought it looked good, so I snapped it as inspiration for my own ACW gaming.