Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dick Giordano: A Belated Tribute

Able to work with photos again since building the new computer last week, I was looking through all my old photos. I came across the photos I shot last year at Mini-MegaCon here in Orlando. It was a smaller (and quieter) version of the enormous MegaCon comic and game convention. Mini-MegaCon was also the first comic con Jeremy and I have attended.

I came across this photo of Dick Giordano of DC Comics autographing Jeremy's copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Dick passed away on March 27 this year. He is survived by his wife, Marie, who is sitting next to him in the photo.

Because the con was so small and attendance was much lighter than hoped for, media guests had a lot of time on their hands to sign autographs and chit chat with us folks. (You know you're getting old when conversations with media guests quickly shift from comics to discussing medical problems!) Anyway, Dick and Jeremy had a nice chat. Dick and his wife are just gracious people. Jeremy loves Crisis, and Dick was surprised and pleased to see a young kid excited to get an autograph on an older comic, one of Dick's favorite series he told Jeremy.

It was a real pleasure to meet Dick Giordano before he passed away. We could tell he was having a hard time that day, but he kept smiling and laughing and gladly signing autographs all afternoon. And telling stories about the good old days to a kid who likes comics from those good old days. Yeah, he was a really nice guy. A real gentleman that day.

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