Friday, April 2, 2010

Scenic Express Southwest Scenery

Checking the Scenic Express website for some static grass and Silfor grass tufts for my Western games, I discovered that they have an entire new section devoted to O scale (1:48) scenery perfect for those gaming the desert Southwest in 25mm.

Excited, I thought I would post it here so others might find it useful and so I would remember it. Click on the photo to go to the web page.

Being a fan of narrow gauge railroading, I have always envisioned my Western games set in northern New Mexico (Chama area on the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad) and southern Colorado. If you watch many Western movies, they often shoot their films using the Cumbres & Toltec or the Durango & Silverton.

Little known fact: during my teenage and young adult years, I used to volunteer on a tourist railroad that used steam engines. I began as a maintenance kid, cleaning train coaches and working on the track gangs. Then I progressed to the loco maintenance crew, oiling and cleaning and servicing the steam locomotives as well as cleaning the coaches. Then I spent the last two summers on the train crew as a fireman, the guy who got to shovel a ton (literally) of coal in the engine every day and take care of the locomotives at the end of the day. It would get so hot in the engine cab that one day it melted our Coke bottles we placed next to the boiler!

So my Western gaming tends to be tied closely to railroading. I'll be getting some Bachmann On30 locos and equipment for the game and my model railroading. Sorry if I rambled!

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