Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aeronef Inspiration & Painting Problems

A few months ago I puttered along a bit on my Aeronef project, re-priming the figures, drilling and placing the rigging into the decks, and gluing on the other bits. My goal is to paint them using some of the anime-like images below as inspiration.

Masking Paint Problems
I masked off several of them using blue painters tape, began working on some of the patterns, but discovered that painters tape does not like craft paint, pulling off bits of it. Ouch! I haven't tried masking hobby paints like Vallejo or Reaper and am wondering if I will get the same results. Is this an acrylic paint problem? I let the paint dry before removing the tape.

Many years ago when I custom painted model railroad equipment, I would spray them using model railroad hobby paints and use plain masking tape to mask them. I never had a problem. One thought I literally just had was to paint the base coat, dulcote it, mask it, paint the new color, dulcote, mask, and so on until done. Perhaps that would prevent the blue tape from peeling up the paint? Down side is that it would take a lot more time to work on each ship.

I would like to mask straight lines instead of free-handing them. Does anyone have any suggestions and experience with this?

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  1. You can try thinning the paint a lot. That or remove the mask while the paint is still wet.

  2. You can have a try with Tamiya masking tape, very smooth on paint.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Also, I didn't know about the Tamiya tape. I'll look for it. I use some of their paints as well.