Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scratchbuilt 28mm Space 1889 Ships

On Thursday morning at Cold Wars, I had a great time chatting with a fellow who scratch builds Space 1889 aeronef ships in 28mm. He makes everything himself, including the cannon in the lower photo. He plays a game or two with them, and then sells them off in the flea market. I would have bought one--the gray ship really caught my eye--but I had no idea how I would get them on the plane! Sadly, I watched other people buy them instead.
As a little aside, a fellow on the other side of the room had set up a great looking ancients game in 1/72 (I believe) and was tearing it down because practically no one signed up for it. Th became a common theme that day from what I saw. Still, we had a great day.

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