Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sheriff Office & OK Corral Progress Photos

Below are some progress shots of the latest 25mm buildings I'm working on for my Western games. They are both Old Glory I bought two years ago during their big Western sale. The top is the sheriff's office, and the lower is the OK corral. I also painted some outhouses but forgot to snap them. Sorry but I forgot to write down how I painted the stone. (I used the hedges out front as a photo stand. I use free USPS boxes for painting, dulcoting, and holding models.)

Painting Wood:
Americana Burnt Umber DA064
Americana Khaki Tan DA173
Ceramcoat Sandstone 2402

I left the air bubbles in the sheriff's office instead of filling them. My explanation is that Gun Town is such a rough place, that the office has been attacked many times--even by Gatling gun. Like I said, a rough town to be a lawman.

Yesterday, I also cleaned up Old Glory's Harwood House and their wooden bridge. I found an easy and cheap solution to fixing Harwood House's poorly fitting roof and will post that asap. I cannot stress this enough: when cutting resin, always wear full safety glasses! The resin chips easily and flies everywhere. Two years ago, I learned the hard way that an Optivisor is not safety glasses!

Yesterday, I also primed the interior details for the sheriff's office and dulcoted three more Western figures I finished last week, taking advantage of a low humidity day here in Central Florida. I just have to finish their bases. That brings my total completed Western figures to 17, with a few Victorian gentlemen tossed in for measure. I promise that I will take closer photos of the Western figures and explain how I made the bases.

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