Friday, May 14, 2010

Sheriff Office: Part 3

Almost done with the basics of the sheriff's office. Snapped a couple quick pics before we watched the shuttle Atlantis take off this afternoon. Next step is to glue on the detail parts. Today, I bought a sheet of 5.2mm plywood to cut into bases for the buildings. When I do this, I will add front roof supports to the building. Sadly, the building does not come with roof supports. First, I have to borrow some power tools my my Tool Time neighbor. When done, much better photos coming.

Edit 5/15/10: I just realized I took these photos outside with the camera set to "light bulb" instead of auto--hence the odd tint to the photos. Lesson learned. Check the camera's settings every time I use it!

Colors Used:
  • Rear Interior Wall: Ceramcoat Antique White heavily drybrushed on black primer
  • Front Interior Wall: Folk Art Bayberry
  • Interior Trim: Ceramcoat Walnut
  • Jail: P3 Pig Iron
  • Gun Rack: Americana Russet.
  • Windows & Doors: Ceramcoat Tomato Spice with some Ceramcoat Toffee Brown dusty highlights
  • Roof: Americana Neutral Grey, Slate Grey and Sky Grey

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