Thursday, June 24, 2010

Splintered Light Orcs & Goblins

Below are some photos from the demo game of Pride of Lions that John McBride put on at Cold Wars 2010. All the miniatures are from his son's 15mm miniature company, Splintered Light. The figures below were from my force of bad guy orcs and goblins. I love these figures! I'll get some photos of the game posted a bit later. Right now it's after midnight and I'm tired!

My father went in for a liver transplant today, so I am exhausted with shot nerves. He wasn't expected to make it to his 70th birthday at the end of the summer. This made me think of the McBrides and all the great spiritual support they game Jeremy and me at the convention. My folks live 30 minutes from Lancaster, and I grew up in the area. Cold Wars was perfect timing for us. I've written about this being a blessing during our difficult time in earlier posts. I'll end now before I really begin to get emotional and ramble more than usual!

Enjoy the photos. There are large, about 400k to save the detail. If I remember right, the bases are 40mm x 40mm? I'll have to double check that.


  1. I love the miniatures - especially the bugbears and trolls. I hope all goes well for your father - I lost mine when he was far too young. Good luck mate.

  2. These are some great pics! I really need to order some Splintered Light minis!

    Hope your father is doing well.

  3. The figures are great. I have nearly all their Druid's Children packs to paint up yet.

    My dad is doing better in some ways and worse in others. He just got pneumonia in the hospital! We're not out of the woods yet.