Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hartley House: Part 2 Fresh Coat of Paint

Yesterday and today, I've been painting Old Glory's Harwood House from their OK Corral set. This is what it looked like at 10 AM this morning when I shot the photo--partially painted with lots more work to do. The last time I posted about the building (here), I had fixed the manufacturing problem of the sagging roof and had primed the building black.

My goal is to make the house look newer and belonging to Gun Town's leading citizen, physician, gunslinger, and mayor--Doc Hartley. (In real life, he is our neurologist and loves Westerns, decorating his office with cowboy paintings. I've also renamed this thread in honor of him.) I want the floor to look newer than my other buildings and have the outside painted a nice, new coat of white. Below you can find my paints and comments. I like to use my blog as my online painting notes.

Wasted Time Making Mistakes
As you can see, I have made my share of mistakes while painting. First, I painted the area grey where I wanted to paint white. That makes sense because white doesn't cover black very well. Plus a grey base makes white pop more. For some dumb reason, though, I figured I'd paint the inside trim white. I made that decision after trimming the walls black after having painted the floors. Then I decided that I was not being too smart and decided that the interior trim would just be the wall color, whatever I paint it. So I re-trimmed the trim black this morning. Just a bit of confused wasted time and effort! (I worked on the building to take my mind off my dad being in the hospital, so my mind wasn't totally on my modeling.)

Paints For Newer Floor Look:
1. Americana Honey Brown (DA163)--a nice color but a bit thin. Not that good for figures but ok for buildings. Heavily "wet" drybrushed over black primer.

2. Americana Fawn (242) lightened with Ceramcoat Ivory (2036). Ivory was on my table, so I used it. Made the Fawn look lighter and warmer than just adding white. Fawn is a basic craft paint everyone should have. No idea how Ivory paints on its own--I just bought the bottle yesterday morning. Drybrushed.

3. Ceramcoat Ivory as highlight. Very light drybrush along edges.

Grey Base:
Americana Grey Sky (DA111). One of the best-coating grey craft paints. Very light but covers in one coat.

White Walls:
Americana White Wash (DA02). Just a bit more washed out than regular white. Thinner than I like. OK for buildings. Needs two coats at least.

Hopefully, I'll work on this some more on this building this afternoon.

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  1. Thank you for bringing to my attention HARWOOD HOUSE. I'll have to try modelling it.

    Tony (Harwood)