Monday, July 12, 2010

Hartley House: Part 4 Finished Model

Below are photos of the finished 25mm Old Glory's Harwood House (MW-102), the residence and office of the town's mayor and physician, Doc Hartley. (In the second photo, you can see him defending his property from a bandito.)

All the building needs now are some interior details, which I'll add over time. As soon as my neighbor has some free time, we're going to make a base out of thin plywood for the building as well. This model needs a nice flower bed with a white picket fence.

I enjoyed the project, which really took only about a few mornings of labor. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I still would recommend spraying the building white instead of brushing it. This would have cut my work time significantly. Also, see my earlier posts on tips to make the roof fit the building and add how to add some fancy roof posts instead of the dowels that come with the kit.

Up next is one of Old Glory's modular Western buildings, one of their 'tent' buildings, a bridge, the finished OK Corral, and some out houses.


  1. Spectacular , very good work !!!

  2. Man that looks great i'm just looking at doing some dixon 28mm figures your figures and your site look great