Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gettysburg: Little Round Top

Instead of rambling on about my lack of free time and how I hate Microsoft for changing PowerPoint 10 so some things in the 07 don't work the same and rambling how my college gave us new computers with PP10 over the summer, sending out an email letting us know of the change when most of the faculty including myself was off for summer vacation just so we couldn't save our old files.

Instead of rambling about that, here are a few photos from Gettysburg's Little Round Top. This is a spot that always brings chills to me. It moves many people.

Jeremy shot all these photos. He did a nice job I think. He doesn't take many photos, so it's always nice when he wants to try his hand. The photos are sized for 1680x1080 wallpaper.


  1. Were these taken last winter, or have all the leaves fallen early over there!

    It looks like a gun-blasted hell-hole that's only just had the last body removed...apart from the statue; cold and fact even the statue!

    And whomsoever was on the hill had deadly fields of fire, I've attacked a steep hill - in peacetime, it's bad enough with a few NCO's and the sun on you back, God only knows what it was like on the day.

    I hope it's a friendlier place in the summer?

  2. The winter really captures the harshness of Little Round Top. I've been there in the summer, but it looks just as nasty. It is rock-strewn and brutal.

    Then you go over to McPherson's Ridge, where the hills gently roll across an open field. Looks beautiful--but turns out to be deadly as well.

    I've been to Antietam, which was a brutal battle, but for some reason Gettysburg moves me and most people so much more. I don't know why.

    BTW I just mentioned to Jeremy how folks have liked his photos. His reply with a huge grin: "That's because they ARE really good." Nothing like a little modesty! :-)

    One more batch of various buildings is coming.