Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finished Babylon 5: A Great Father-Son Experience!

Last week we finally watched Season 5's last episode, "Sleeping in Light," which was the original end of the series meant to air at the end of Season 4. When the show moved to Turner and was picked up for one more season, JMS and crew filmed a new ending for Season 4, which was actually the first episode the crew shot when they reunited for the fifth season.

We had finished all the shows but the last one a few weeks prior, but had to wait until we were "psychologically ready" to end it all. I know this might sound odd, but it really felt like losing a friend. I'll be honest, I had some mourning symptoms afterward! It really felt different for me the second time around because I knew this ending was final (knowing now that the continuation series, Crusade, would collapse quickly and be a continuity mess). Also, the entire five months we were watching the series, I kept thinking about the cast members who have died and how much the others (including myself) have aged and grown since the pilot was filmed in late 1993. Wow, 19 years have passed since then!

In the end, I was very happy to share with my now-21-year-old son my favorite television series of all time. He also was happy, and will have those memories of us watching one episode a night at 10pm for all those months. What could be better than that?

The real kick is that we now have these little B5 catch-phrases we toss around at each other, and sometimes break out into our really bad impressions of our most annoying villain, Wade (from Season 4), who talks with a bad speech impediment and went on way too much about historical evolution, saying "Mister Garibaldi" way too many times. We mock his death scene, where Garibaldi finds him just barely alive, Wade once again pointing out the obvious while slurring. Instead, we have him say in a Shakespearean manner, "Mister Garibaldi, I'm dead!" Blech, that character was annoying!

To The Future!
Ok, so now we move onto the movies and maybe...maybe...the short-lived Crusade. And some of the episodes with JMS commentary turned on. But we need a bit of a break. Because when those are over, it's really really over. Then we move back to watching Deep Space 9.

And so it begins.

BTW while typing this post I just had to listen to my Best of Babylon 5 soundtrack CD. Jeremy has begun collecting many of the numerous B5 soundtracks. Ok, that's enough for today! Just beware Vorlons bearing gifts.


  1. I know the feeling about "losing an old friend" when a series comes to an end. Back in the 80s I remember watching with a heavy heart the last ever episode of MASH

    btw, B5 was one of my favourite series as well

  2. B5, was a great ride. It got bumpy in season five, but finished strong. Its great you could share them with your son.

  3. My wife and I love Sci-Fi and especially Babylon 5 when it was. So we recently bought the complete boxed set on DVD - All the series, crusade, the films etc. We are just coming to the end of Season One and it has reminded us why we enjoyed it so much the first time round.

  4. It's really amazing how well the show holds up, even with its aged computer graphics. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying it as well.

    Tim is right. Season 5 was a bit bumpy, with some lovely plot holes. JMS has admitted the same. Also, we felt they wrapped up the Shadow War in Season 4 too quickly and then dragged out the Mars Independence story line. But nothing is perfect! Jeremy loved Sinclair more than Sheridan, and really liked the end of Season 1 into Season 2. I'm not sure which is my favorite season, though I really didn't like the end episode of Season 4. Maybe because all the academic baloney in it reminded me too much of my colleagues!

    The final scene of "Sleeping in Light" with Delenn and Sheridan on the bench touched me back then and still does today--made me think of my own marriage and what it will be like when one of us passes away.

  5. Yes, this series was something else. So much that I haven't seen anything like it on TV since, which is even more disappointing. In fact I haven't watching anything with as strong story line with deep plots with few exceptions. I've since discovered an anime series titled "Legend of Galactic Heroes" which has some similarities with Babylon 5, like both series are 110 episodes. If you can handle subtitles give "Legend of Galactic Heroes" or LoGH among fans a try. It's old but it's story and plot line is epic.