Sunday, August 12, 2012

On the Workbench: West Wind London Mob

Ironically, I've been complaining that I'm tired of painting 19th century and WWII figures, so what do I do? I start painting more 19th century figures! Someday I'll figure out how my brain thinks. Anyway, I mentioned on Brummie's excellent blog that I'd post some photos of the pack of West Wind's 28mm London Mob, because WW and Old Glory only have a photo showing one of the eight figures you get.

I love nearly all the figures in West Wind's horror lines, having bought many packs of them years ago when Old Glory said they would no longer be casting them. The West Wind figures have great, often exaggerated character, making them fun to paint and put on the table. Unfortunately, some of them look like they were sculpted after the artist came home from an all-night bender. *cough*GHZ-5 Lady Doctor and Her Staff*cough* Thankfully, those seem few and far between.

Oddly, the head on the far left fellow gets repeated in other packs, a common WW practice.

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  1. I like alot of the WW Gothic Horror ranges and shall be certainly adding a fair few to my collection. I agree some pics need adding to the WW site of some of there packs. Though if you goto the Old Glory US site alot of pics can now be found.

    Thanks for the mention btw. Look forward to seeing these finished.