Saturday, August 11, 2012

Priming Miniatures: Gesso Update 2

Well, several days have passed along with three evenings of power outages since I primed the latest batch of figures using black Golden gesso and the results are in.

The Golden gesso adheres great to the miniatures, not blocking details too much. The gesso doesn't rub off with normal pressure, unlike my last batch of Liquitex gesso.

Some of the figures have bare spots, which can be typical of any gesso. You can see the Blue Moon Zorro doesn't have any bare spots front or back, but the Blue Moon cowboy does. I'd say about a third of the 20+ figures I primed have some bare spots. I've never been able to figure out when, where, or why this happens. If anyone knows, please post it in the comments section! I'll just brush black over these bare spots. When the figure is sealed, the spots will be fine without any paint rubbing off in those areas.

All in all, I like the Golden brand much more than the current Liquitex.


  1. The bare spots are where the gesso shrinks, and are especially prevalent in bits like chainmail and other dips where you haven't got the gesso in deep enough (I though I'd read that on this blog originally...) - slop it on thicker!

    I started using gesso too last month:

    and haven't looked back since!

  2. Looks like I have to put it on thicker in those spots! I thought I had slapped enough on originally. I will admit that I was nervous the entire time, like it was my first time using gesso.

    BTW love the Muppets paper towels on your blog post! Pebeo makes great stuff. I want to try their matte varnish.

  3. Thanks for the walk-through using the Golden product. My experience wit Liquitex gesso is the same as you.