Wednesday, November 28, 2012

London Thug, Victorian Farm, & Painting Teeth

The other night, I wanted to post this photo along with the Old Glory explorer, but I ran out of time, having to dash out of the house on an errand. So with much delay, here is the photo of the first completed figure from the West Wind GL-106 London Thugs pack. I imagine him just getting off work at a fancier establishment, still wearing his red vest, and then causing some mayhem. I was thinking of painting the buttons the same red as the vest, which would have been very traditional for this cut of vest, but I decided to paint them an ivory color instead for some contrast. Several more of these figures are nearly done, so hopefully I'll get to them soon.

Inspirational Photos
Like the other figures in the pack, this figure is painted in simple colors using craft paints. After all, these guys are working class thugs. They can't afford fancy digs, unless they stole them from someone. (Grin) I've been drawing inspiration from shows like Victorian Farm, the old 1980s Sherlock Holmes series (my favorite version!), and just my memory of watching too many BBC Victorian dramas back in the day. Lots of browns and grays and white-to-off-white shirts, with the splash of color here and there. One of these days I'll work up the nerve to try my hand at some plaids and patterns!

Painting Teeth
The guys in this pack look so crazy and fun. I've been enjoying them. I did worry excessively about painting the teeth though. My solution was to use a "wet drybrush" technique. I used an off white, kind of pale yellow, paint on a 00 brush. Wiped off some of the paint, but not as much when drybrushing. I then ran it across the teeth. To my joy, it worked perfectly! It hit the tops of the teeth but left the gaps black. Several of these figures are bearing their teeth. I must say that many of these chaps need some major dental work!


  1. Realy like this guy!
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