Sunday, November 25, 2012

Old Glory Explorer Finished

Having a couple of free days because the wife was sick and the son was working at the local movie theater, I actually did some miniature painting. It was a great day here in Central Florida, so I opened the man-room windows, fired up my early 1980s New Wave mp3 collection, and sat down for some relaxing painting. This was the first time I painted without having our cat, Chessie, taking a drink our of my rinse jar when I first sat down. It felt a bit lonely and odd. I kept thinking I heard and saw her. Anyway, I actually finished a couple of figures--the first in months! Today's figure is from old Old Glory.

Old Glory LAT-10 Explorers
This is one of the better figures from Old Glory's large pack of African explorers and missionaries.  For an old Old Glory figure, I think it came out pretty good. Nothing really special. I began painting this figure four years ago and let it languish. I have a few others from the set still to do, but I won't be doing most of the pack. I've decided to move on to better figures, such as Foundry. I need to play a game with some of these figures. It's been a year this week since I played a miniature game!


  1. I agree its a nice figures and I like the paintjob mate. top stuff

  2. He looks great - never saw one of these before - much less painted up nicely like yours. Best, dean

  3. Superb, quite fancy one of those myself.

  4. I'm glad you like it, guys. I'll post the other photos this evening when I get home.