Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Painting Nosferatu: The New Spring Fashions Have Arrived

After some thought about what color to paint the figure's cloak, I decided to use Dark Cherry from Folk Art craft paints. You can see the preliminary results below. On the workbench, it looks creepy and just a bit different than the basic black all the other Nosferatu seem to be wearing this year. (Being a fashion designer for a hip and mod Nosferatu trend-setter is such demanding work!)

Plus, these progress photos better show some of the highlighting I did on his hands and fingers. Of course, I still need to paint his fingernails, along with lots of other work. But so far, so good. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I will use them on the other three Nosferatu I have to paint.

"Trust me. In this outfit, you will be the envy of all the other Nosferatu!"

"It's the holes that say, 'Look out, world, I'm just a bit dangerous and rebellious today!"

"No problem. We can let out the sleeves, giving you a skosh more room when reaching out to touch a friend."


  1. Perfect choice of colour! What a fabulous result.

  2. He looks great, glad you got him finished :)

  3. "I may be dead, but I'm still pretty." - Buffy the Slayer

    You don't often see facial hair on vampires, this guy's goatee/soulless-patch is a nice touch. The non-black is a great idea, most naturally-dyed black fabrics are not perfectly black after all!

  4. Hey, different is good in miniatures. I love seeing rank upon rank of Napoleonic troops shooting the snot out of each other, but seeing ten people paint the same non-military figure exactly the same way is just BORING. Kudos for taking a risk and a really nice result.

    And your captions made me smile, which I needed today.

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.

  5. Glad you like the captions. I had fun with them when I wrote them late that night.