Friday, August 2, 2013

Stretlets Germans in Stalingrad

I was poking around Stretets' website this evening looking at their 1/72 figures because the scale has always had a strong fascination for me. Stretlets is an interesting company that comes out with all sorts of crazy sets. Some seem good, while others seem a bit shoddy. And the can have the freakiest box covers! Anyway, I checked out their new Germans in Stalingrad set. I will admit that these figures sure look the business, unlike what I've seen in other scales. I get cold and tired just looking at them! I thought some folks here might find them interesting. Am I going into 1/72 now? I'm thinking about it, especially for the size, cost, and quality. I am tempted to get these, that's for sure. (Yeah, it's been a slow summer around here!)


  1. You're right. They definitely look the part. I'd give my firstborn to get hold of figures like these in 28mm.

  2. Excellent models. I've never really looked at startlets range boxes and artwork made me think of cheap far east inports. How wrong.

    1. I had the same feelings but have been changing my mind as well. The newer sets seem a lot better than the older sets.

  3. Those are nice; I have a few boxes of their WW I Russian cav that i use for Russian Civil War. This is the scale for 20th Century gaming!