Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Game Room is Looking Like a Card Shop

A bit of a quick odd post today, but we just got this in the mail, taking advantage of some cheap online holiday sales. (I love buying stuff cheap!) It looks as if we're getting ready to open a card game store. Wow, I am going to be giving away a lot of Marvel tins, that is for sure! I'm keeping the cards inside, of course.

But what about miniatures and board games? Well, I did get four of the Naploeonic 20 board games for my son for Christmas, so there are some new wargames to be played, along with the few still in shrink wrap we have not gotten to the past year.

I'm debating if I want to play WWII large skirmish games with my 15mm figures, buying more of the models and terrain I need for it, or jump up to 20mm, using AB figures. That is a major decision, since it would be like starting completely over. Pros and cons to each side. (BTW I got a 1:72 Panther G model kit for Christmas.) The 28mm WWII figs will be more for smaller games due to size.

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