Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mystic Mountain Productions Cheap Paper Structures

This week, I discovered Mystic Mountain Productions' small but growing line of paper buildings. You can find their products at RPGNow and Wargames Vault, which basically are the same companies. They also have a Facebook page. Right now, they have seven kits available.

Their Town Square Clock Tower is a FREE single-layer PDF useful for just about any setting. It looks nice and should be easy to build. Might as well give it a try for free!

Their latest model, the Merchant's Guild, really caught my imagination. I could see it housing one of my eccentric West Wind Victorian characters or a modern spy-fi game needing an interesting Tudor-inspired building. The multilayer PDF is $5. I've asked if it comes with a single-layer version so I don't have to print it on my stored inkjet printer. (I use a monochrome laser printer for all my daily printing.)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wartime West Sussex 1939-45

This evening while taking a pleasurable stroll across the Ethernet (aka doing a Google search on trivial matters), I stumbled upon the website for West Sussex County Council in England. Honestly, like all good Google searchers, I have no idea how I got there but was pleasantly surprised to find their section on Wartime West Sussex 1939-45. I love these kind of websites, where I get lost looking at diaries, photos, and all sorts of fascinating historical tidbits that help me appreciate and better visualize what life was like back then.

The D-Day, air raids, home guard, and many other sections are fascinating. Neat audio interviews abound. From their website: "These pages have over 700 digitised sources about life in West Sussex during World War II. They include photos, official leaflets, book extracts, newspaper articles, letters, diaries, original records and recorded memories." They also have a section on Victorian life, but it pales in comparison.

Check it out!