Friday, June 8, 2018

Warmaster Fantasy - Dogs of War Counter Set (New!)

"Unlike other Warmaster armies, the Dogs of War do not come from a particular place, nor do they comprise a particular race, although men do feature very strongly amongst their number. They are bands of warriors who live by fighting - fighting for pay, fighting for adventure and, most importantly of all, fighting for the chance to win fabulous wealth." -- Warmaster Trial Armies

The Dogs of War, with their crazy Regiments of Renown, have always been sitting at the back of my mind to do as a counter set. After years of waiting, they are finally here. This is a largest set of counters I have made! There are RoRs from classic Warhammer, complete with their leaders when possible. You can recreate Leopold's Leopard Company, the Birdmen of Catrazza, Bronzino's Gallope Guns, Marksmen of Miragiliano, Alcatani Fellowship, and more.

I've tried to use as many of the actual Warhammer DoW figures as possible, though I did wander off to Foundry, Warlord, and others when I had to. Except for a few counters, everything is new in this set. (I didn't want to 'cheat' and re-use counters from other sets.) I've tried to give as much variety as possible. Want a lot of dwarf mercenaries, complete with flouncy shirts? We got them! Plus mercenaries from Kislev, the Empire, Araby, Tilea, and even Goblins.

I hope you enjoy this latest set. If you use them, please post a comment below, letting me know.

Printing the Counters
I hope some of you find these counter sets useful.You can print these at office printing places, like Staples, using heavy card stock paper printed at actual size. You can also print on regular paper and then glue the counters to wooden bases. (Check the older posts on how I did this with my Empire army.) Currently, I'm printing the counter sets at Staples using regular paper, spray gluing the back of each sheet with Super77, attaching each sheet to an old comic book backing board, and then cutting out the counters using a sharp Xacto knife with steel ruler. Using the backing boards makes for cheap, sturdy counters.

Click on the counter set image above to download the complete army counter set in PDF format. The set has enough counters to create many armies of 2000 points or less. Of course, if you need more counters simply print more copies! Unfortunately, I don't have any sample DoW armies.

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