Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Victorian Painting Guide: Gentleman's Emporium

On Sunday afternoon, I finished off another cowboy and began painting my packs of West Wind's London Thugs and London Mob. I also finished the last figure in the London Gentlemen pack. However, when it comes to Victorian clothing, I'm no expert. So, like most people, I look online!

When it comes to researching Victorian clothing, I have found Gentleman's Emporium, a Victorian and Western reenactor dealer, to be of utmost help, even if their store name conjures images of pole-dancing. Plenty of ideas for painting clothing. Plus. their section of full outfits reads like an novel, with named character's and their backgrounds--very handy for playing RPGs or skirmish games! Finally, they have a nifty steampunk section as well. Check them out.

BTW it seems they don't like people saving their photos, but Firefox gets around their javascript no problem. Just right click on the image, when their blocking script tell you they want permission just click "OK," and then the normal right-click menu will come up. Click "save image as" and you have the image. Easy enough!

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