Thursday, March 8, 2012

Arkham Horror: First Win!

Tonight, we finally won our first game of Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight Games! It took a little over three hours to finish. This is one of our favorite games and one of the hardest to win, at least it seems that way for us. This game we went up against Yig and its minions. Yig's Doom Track got down to 8 and the game's Terror Track got down to 9. It really came down to the wire before Yig could wake up and smear us across the streets of Arkham.

Jeremy played with the character Bob Jenkins and I decided to try Ashcan Pete, the local drifter. Pete was ok for a little while, then pretty much became useless much of the game, hanging out at Arkham Asylum an awful lot. Ergh! Notice how few items he has, like only one? And $1 to his name? I think I will retire Pete before I go permanently insane! Anyway, Arkham is a fun game. For me, it ranks up there with Runebound and Ticket to Ride. Read more about Arkham Horror at it Boardgame Geek entry.

The board at the end of the game, the last gate closed

Jeremy's character and his stash. For a salesmen, Bob is a decent Other World fighter!

I love using these cups to store chits! Much easier than baggies or counter trays.


  1. It's a great game. One of the few boardgame's I can be pesuaded to play more than once. Which says a lot with regard to it's quality.

  2. And we haven't even tried any of the expansions yet!

    At the end of the game last night, I decided that my character was going to try to close the last gate. Jeremy shouted, literally, that now was not a time for my usual bad die rolling. Guess what? I rolled badly, with my character once again going temporarily insane.

    At least my dice rolling is consistently bad no matter what game I play! It's a gift, I guess. :-)


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