Saturday, February 1, 2014

BMM513 Old Glory Army Cowboy Set

Another blast from the painting table past are three of the free monthly Blue Moon 28mm figures that Old Glory used to send to those in their Army discount program. They now sell these figures as a set (BMM513) for those who missed out on them a few years ago. The figures are a bit taller than my West Wind, but no one has noticed that on the table. Even though they have integral bases, I still mounted them on fender washers to blend in with my other figures.

This is my favorite figure in the set. I like the "son, you messed with the bull so now you're going to get the horns" pose.

Pete Yoder from the Amish Cowboys.

No face to paint? I can dig that!


  1. beautiful figures and great painting work !
    I like them all !

  2. lovely painting and great figures - like the basing too.

  3. Very nice painting and effective basing.

  4. Nicely done. They look great the paintjobs make the detail stand out nicely.

  5. Thanks, fellas! They really are fun to paint.

  6. No Face reminds me (somehow) of the Duke. Nice job, CP.

    1. You know what, Jay, I never thought of The Duke. Good point!