Sunday, February 9, 2014

West Wind's GH-47 Nosferatu #2: First Fig Finished

Early last week, the weather broke here in Central Florida long enough to take a couple finished miniatures outside and give them a good spraying of Testors. Below is the finished figure from the second of West Wind's pack of Nosferatu, or would that be Nosferati?

Since we last saw him reaching out to touch someone, I painted his nails, painted the metal things on his outfit (I have no idea what they are!), and highlighted his collar thing using P3 Trollblood Base. All in all, I'm happy how he turned out. I really wanted to paint black nails on him because I felt they really "sold" the miniature. However, I never want to paint nails again! They are quite fiddly.

This figure really needs to be on a base that looks like stone or something because his outfit rides along base edge. I really don't want to bury it in brown ballast and dead grass. I just have to order some green putty/epoxy stuff for the base.

Go ahead. Pull my finger. I dare you!

Darn it! I can't open the crypt door! I just did my nails!

You'd be grumpy too if every time you put down your arm you'd have the other one pop up instead!

And now for something you never get to see--the back side of water! Oh wait. Wrong ride.

Okay, people, who got the sticky blue stuff all over the floor? I just got done cleaning it!

I'm not touching you! Hee hee. I'm not touching you!


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