Saturday, March 15, 2014

Download My Warmaster Counters as PDFs

One of my favorite game systems is Warmaster. No matter what I play, I always like coming back to this game im whatever form it may take, from fantasy to ancients to Black Powder. Way back in 2002, I began making the first sets of print-and-play paper counters for the game. These were a cheap and easy way to get into playing the game, as well as experimenting with army lists and units without having to spend a fortune on time and money painting figures only to discover that using five steamtanks probably was not a good idea!

A New Old Project Reborn
This weekend, I revisited those old counter sets because I am finally going to start playing the game. This has been on my mind for a long, long time. I'll get into all the details in another post. Instead of running out and buying a bunch of miniatures, trying to take advantage of some last minutes sales, I wised up and took my own advice from 12 years ago. Why not print out the counter sets and test out some armies to see what we like and what I need and don't need to buy?

But I faced a problem--a big problem. The counter sheet files were all TIF images. My inkjet printer makes lovely color prints while sucking money right out of my wallet for the ink, but the thing has been relegated to the closet for the past several years. My go-to printer is a monochrome laser printer. I really didn't want b&w counters--that felt so 2002!

Adobe Don't Need My $$$
After doing some searching and review reading, I came across a small and free image-to-PDF converter named PDFill Free PDF Tools. I tried it out on some test counter sheets and printed them on my monochrome printer. Success! I turned all 12 army sets into individual PDFs.

This afternoon, I sent some counter sets to Staples and had them print them on their quality color laser printers. I looked at using 110lb cardstock, but it would cost about $1 a page without a coupon. I decided to print them on standard paper to save a bit of cash. I have a box of old 20mm x 40mm bases doing nothing in the closet, so my goal is to cut the counters and glue them onto the bases. It will take some time, but they should look good. (I would have liked to use peel-and-stick paper but that option wasn't on the Staples website. I live 5 minutes from Staples, but 20 minutes and traffic each way from a Kinkos.)

The printout looks fantastic and sharp. Jeremy wants to play Empire, while I seem to be a hoard player, with a strong love of ratmen. So I also printed the Skaven set, along with orcs, undead, and dwarfs. (I've always been a dwarf guy.) That will give up plenty to mess with. Of course, I love all the armies plus my own creations!

The Host With the Most
I'm now hosting the army counters on the server I use for my railroad website. So folks can have easy access to the counter set PDFs, I've created a permanent page for them here at the blog. Go to the page, scroll to find an army you like, click on the army's name, and enjoy the PDF!

Free Samples--Just Like Costco!
I'll also be posting some sample 1,000 point, 1,500 point, and 2,000 point armies to get folks started in the game. I'm working on reformatting and cleaning up the lists I have.

If you have never played Warmaster, download the free rules from Games Workshop, print out some armies, and start having fun. I know you'll be glad that you did!

He Who Shall Not Be Named
BTW if you look on the counter sheets, you'll see my real name. No, my last name is not Belt and CP are not my initials! (That is the name of a railroad junction where I used to go in Reading, PA. I normally hung out at CP Wyomissing, but who wants to type that as an email address!) Just be careful invoking my real name. You never know what weirdness could happen. :-)

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  1. Warmaster is a cool little system I enjoyed for several years back in UK before I migrated to NZ. Ive got about 4K points each of Orcs and Elves. Its inspiration for Black Powder is clearly evident...