Saturday, March 15, 2014

So What's New? Quar!

Not having purchased any unpainted metal figures for the past four years, I have been needing a change of scenery for a long time. Honestly, I've been bored with the hobby for a long time. Well, instead of endlessly debating if I should or should not buy something as I have been doing, I took advantage of ZombieSmith's February 15% off sale.

I love their Quar figures and have been eying them up for ages. So I ordered a couple platoons and support of their 15mm figures. I'll be basing them individually for platoon v platoon gaming. I've been wanting to get back into 15mm. This is a good time to do so. Many more possibilities now that the hard sci-fi that had been dominating the scale. I also love the Ion Age figures and many of Khurasan's new figures, which would work well against the Quar. Plus, the Quar just might invade 1940s Europe--you never know.No vehicles, but plenty of nifty 15mm WWI armor out there to modify.

I've also been eying up 6mm sci-fi for years now and decided to get into the waters with a bunch of  6mm Quar.

Below is the list. I'm excited. I placed the order last Monday but haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully they won't take long to get here. (I've posted some photos from ZS's website.)

1x Crusader: Light Infantry Company
1x Crusader: Infantry Officers Pk. 1
1x Crusader: Infantry Officers Pk. 2
1x Crusader: Pack Cadier
1x Crusader: Snipers
1x Royalist: Rhyfler Company

3x Crusader: Infantry - LMG Teams
2x Crusader: Infantry - Company HQ
2x Crusader: Infantry - Infantry Company

Update 3-15-14
It looks like my order was lost in the mail, so a replacement is being shipped as I type. This was to be my Spring Break project this week, but that was a bust considering that I had no Quar to paint! Hopefully I'll get these fellows in the mail in the next several days.

Update 3-18-14
Got my figures in the mail today. They look amazing. I can't wait to paint them up!


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to seeing these troops pigmentedly adorned, CP.

  2. Yup look forward to seeing these guys with a coat of paint.

  3. I can't wait either. I'm thinking of colors to use. I'm debating to paint the Royalists in maybe a British Colonial Zulu War scheme of red/blue or a French WWI shade of blue.

    I love their 28mm figures, but they would cost a small fortune per platoon plus take me forever to paint!


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