Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh No! UHU Office Pen Discontinued!

Of course after my post yesterday on making Empire Warmaster counters do I learn after that UHU discontinued the Office Pen glue. I discovered this when I went to the Saunders website. Since I have two full pens of the glue I got years ago, it doesn't really affect me. (They were hard enough to find when they were in production!) However, it looks like a replacement is needed. I've never used the glues I mention below, but I've heard other paper modelers use them with good results. If you've used them or know of other glues that won't wrinkle paper, let us know!

Let's Bring Out the Contestants!
From what I can tell, the Office Pen has be redesigned from its boring "office" look to the hip and mod looking UHU Glue 'n Style pen marketed at school kids, which I would imagine is a much more lucrative market. Plus, this stylish pen makes the boring goopy glue sticks kids use look so...square. It sells for $3.90.

A popular glue with paper modelers is UHU All-Purpose Twist & Glue for $4.07. They don't advertise it as wrinkle free, but they say, "Works great on paper, cardboard, wood, felt, fabrics, cork and can be used in combination with metal, ceramics, glass, polystyrene, foam and many plastics."

A third possibility some paper modelers like is Beacon Adhesive's Zip Dry paper glue designed for scrapbooking. It sells for around $7 at Wal-Mart and craft stores. From the Beacon website: "Never wrinkles paper, ever! Dries crystal clear. Mistake-proof; easily removable when wet without leaving any residue. Glue dries very fast. Apply only one item at a time for best results. Always use with adequate ventilation." I don't know, the "adequate ventilation" part really scares me. I don't feel like I should have my windows open when gluing paper, especially here in Florida in the summer, lest I risk melting my brain cells or lungs. Know what I mean? It may be fantastic stuff, though. I don't know. With a 40% off Michaels coupon it might be worth a try for those with "adequate ventilation." :-)

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  1. CP, if you have a "Container Store" near you, you might check it out for what you are looking for. Good hunting.